Kiosk-AHL/DPRreport on tablet

Keep front desk closed and save on operation costs

Keep your front desk closed while serving few airlines still flying, protecting your staff from contagious contact from passengers with low hardware investment.

New kiosk-AHL/DPR declaration is now available in responsive design, adapted to Android and iOS tablets.

In these difficult times with few airlines flying and passengers coming back from foreign countries that may be contagious, protecting your staff is crucial. Flight operations are slowly starting but it  will take months to get back to normal volumes, with less staff than before.

In these difficult times, ground handlers are highly suffering from low volumes / minimum staff requirements with desk opened, to serve the airlines that are pushing on reducing costs. Having airport kiosks in place is also very expensive in regards to hardware (between 6 to 12k€ per kiosk) and dependency on airport facilities (floor authorisation and very high cost per square meter, network access, security requirements). Kiosks delivery can also be very long and subject to delays.

Tablets can be secured on private handler desk without airport intervention, using wired network, WIFI or even 4G to connect to the kiosk application server. The application is using the built-in camera for 2D bar code scanning (bag tag and check-in) and damage picture, lowering peripherals hardware costs. Even a printer may not be required as declaration report is sent to the passenger per email, including airline documents and custom document (with signature) if required.

To be ready for going over quarantine whilst still serving airlines few flights still coming, with passengers at high risk for infection, Sky Assist has the solution with the new redesigned kiosk application that has been completely redeveloped using latest technology in responsive design. This new version can be used for AHL (delayed baggage) and DPR (damaged baggage) declarations so you can keep your front desk closed and save on manpower costs (saving a minimum of 3,5 staff cost per day per front desk).

Major advantages are :

  • Running on low profile airport kiosk or (secured) tablet – see pictures ;
  • Low hardware investment for tablets highly available on market (example Samsung Galaxy 2019, secured by Bouncepad), 60 to 70% lower investment than airport kiosks ;
  • 2D bar code scanning and baggage picture can be taken by tablet using front and back cameras (no peripherals);
  • Signature of custom declaration on screen, custom report sent to passenger and station ;
  • Can be secured on L&F front desk or wall with multiple connectivity options (wired network, 4G hotspot & WIFI with less dependency and costs with airport -  network and floor space) ;
  • All documents sent by email to passengers (same service as declaration with agent) ;
  • Front desk closed, highly saving on manpower costs ;
  • Pre-population for fast declaration by passenger (2D scanning, google address / hotel) ;
  • Fast return on investment.

Data is immediately sent to WorldTracer, so there is no delay in tracing.

For any information, don’t hesitate to contact us – we can help you.