BagAssist BDS is a user-friendly application for courier companies to update the latest bag information in WorldTracer and arrange the bag delivery in contact with the passengers. Sky Assist is BDS member, with reselling agreement from SITA.

WorldTracer made available to courier companies
  • Bulb
    Retrieve data from WorldTracer

    Baggage Delivery Order (BDO) are downloaded from WorldTracer to be decoded and displayed in a user-friendly manner within BagAssist BDS web-application.

  • Statistics
    Send data to WorldTracer

    Via the BDS FTP server, WorldTracer files are updated with the status of the bag delivery: not delivered, delivery ongoing (with planned delivery date and time) or delivered.

  • Cog
    Prepare baggage delivery

    With BagAssist BDS, couriers can contact passengers to arrange the bag delivery and ease the delivery process by printing baggage label, passenger delivery voucher and delivery list.



This plug and play application only requires a browser and an internet connection. The screens are self-explanatory to minimize training needs and ensure a quick user-adoption.

Customer satisfaction

Thanks to the accurate information updated via BagAssist BDS, passengers and airlines are informed in real-time of the delivery status of the bags.


Bag tag scanning and printing, file automated update in WorldTracer and delivery documents generation all increase the productivity of courier companies.

Support products


Hosting services are hosted in cloud by Oracle (FRA), including web services and Matip connectivity to WorldTracer in ATL at very competitive pricing.

Software development

On top of our core products, we can develop features or applications fully tailored to your operational needs. 



Together with IER, we can provide you bag tag printers (IER 400) and assist you with the setup for a plug and play usage.