For airlines and ground-handlers looking to offer passengers modern web and mobile applications, our set of self-service solutions provide options both to declare and track delayed bags directly in WorldTracer. Our self-service solutions complement our agents solutions but can also be run independently from BagAssist.

Our solutions to declare delayed bags
  • Bulb

    Using a kiosk or a PC equipped with touch screen and printer, passengers can report their delayed bag at the airport. In less than 3 minutes, they issue their file and get a declaration summary on paper and via e-mail.

  • Statistics

    Using a PC or a tablet, passengers register their delayed bag from home, hotel or office. Application security prevents fraud and duplicate files. Connection to third-party systems speeds up the declaration thanks to fields pre-population.

  • Cog

    This is the mobile version of e-AHLreport allowing passengers to complete a baggage incident report using their mobile phone. 


Passenger satisfaction

By implementing self-service applications, airlines and ground-handlers offer autonomy, flexibility and 24/7 accurate information to their passengers.


By reducing the front-office workload, self-service products allow Lost and Found agents to focus on complex back-office tasks to speed up the incident closure.


The interface of our self-service products can be customized to fit each customer’s corporate identity and offer to passengers a smooth and harmonious experience.

Support products


Hosting services are hosted in cloud by Oracle (FRA), including web services and Matip connectivity to WorldTracer in ATL at very competitive pricing.

Software development

On top of our core products, we can develop features or applications fully tailored to your operational needs. 



Together with our partner IER, we can provide you with state-of-the-art and reliable kiosk devices.