Enhance your arrival services
with BagAssist

The BagAssist Suite: a set of user-friendly applications for Lost & Found agents, passengers and delivery companies.

Ease your claims management
with PaxClaims

PaxClaims: a complete passenger and baggage complaint management system for customer relations department.

Our customers are our best references

Worldwide airlines and European handling companies have chosen us as IT partner for their air transportation solution. Our customers are willing to share their user experiences and arrange on-site visits to show the perfect integration of our products with their daily operational processes.


  • In rare cases where luggage arrives delayed, the kiosk-AHLreport solution offers our customers the possibility to report their delayed luggage without having to queue at the desk. This is very useful, especially when several bags of the same plane are involved. The feedback from the passengers is very positive.

    Michael Mair
    Arrival services supervisor at Austrian Airlines (Vienna)
  • I like the way Sky Assist work hand-in-hand with their customers and users to implement useful new features. This communication and partnership are very important to us.

    Ben Touhami
    Unit Manager baggage handling at Swissport (Brussels)
  • Since 2009 BagAssist has helped us increase our performance in daily operations. The flexibility, reactivity and know-how of Sky Assist team enable us to constantly improve our quality level and customer service. A must in terms of professional and modern baggage services.

    Sacha Dekyndt
    Head of Baggage Services at Luxair (Luxembourg City)
  • I can no longer imagine a Lost & Found world without BagAssist. Simply put, it is a user-friendly application for Lost & Found agents while being an ideal tool for supervisors to retrieve statistics.

    Koen Leye
    Lost and Found supervisor at Swissport (Brussels)
  • The e-AHLreport application is great! In case of contingency, e-AHLreport helps your staff to go through the crisis in a smooth and efficient manner while offering a good service to passengers. We have been using it in several occasions in collaboration with airport authorities (terror attack, unplanned strike, etc.).

    Geert Vandeputte
    Coordinator Lost and Found services at SBA (Brussels)
  • Self-service applications (e-AHLreport & kiosk-AHLreport) have helped us break the peaks and being much more efficient. Passengers, who don't need or wish personal dedication, will be off the airport much faster. They can check on their delayed baggage and update delivery details on the internet (e-AHLmanage) without being coerced by call center hours and/or agents availability. This is a win-win situation!

    Carmen Hämig
    Customer service manager at Swissport (Zürich)