Restructured BagAssist AHL / DPR / OHD module

Restructured Lost&Found BagAssist front-office modules

Sky Assist had decided late 2015 to start developing from scratch its BagAssist core application for agents. The main reasons were that, even though BagAssist has been coded as a web-based application, technology has heavily evolve since the first modules were available in 2002, implying technical constraints like limiting application mobility to other browsers than Internet Explorer, responsive design, time response optimisation and heavy maintenance. At the same time, we also integrated SITA WorldTracer web services, in opposition to screen scrapping technology as only way to interface WorldTracer before 2014. The first BagAssist newly developed modules, called BagAssist NewGen, were available in 2014 (Framework, AHL), followed by Flight and Airline Info.

In order to continue the NewGen development, but also to improve further staff productivity, we decided together with our key users to consolidate the 3 following modules in 1: AHL, DPR & OHD. By combining search criteria and display results in 1 screen, performance not only for front-office or back-office operations but also for call centre can be improved. The display per file area and display / search criteria depending on the user profile also allow a better tool flexibility linked to mostly used staff functions. Using latest development techniques also allows product mobility and increased performance. 

It will be presented in more details during the user conference (20 / 21 June in Brussels), where testing sessions will be organised to gather BagAssist responsible direct feedback and speed up production cut-over. This new module requires WTWS and is integrated in R2017.

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