m-AHLreport: offer passengers to declare their delayed bags on their smarphone

mobile lost luggage

m-AHLreport is our new mobile application for passengers to declare their missing bags on their smartphone.

e-AHLreport (named “Online AHL” in the past) is already used by several of our customers (Air France KLM, Swissport, SBA) for some years. During 2014 summer, in collaboration with Air France we developed the mobile version of e-AHLreport: m-AHLreport.

The process flow of m-AHLreport is based on the one of e-AHLreport. Passengers are navigating through 5 screens: welcome, flight, baggage information, personal details and summary screens.

mobile bag report


Once the passenger has reviewed and validated the summary screen, the AHL file is directly created in WorldTracer with web-service connectivity. The passenger receives an e-mail with the PIR attached.

mail confirmation PIR


The screens have been adapted to fit on the smaller screens of smartphone and use mobile features such as integrated keyboard and native dropdown picker.

format check


m-AHLreport is used in production within Air France mobile website since October 2014.