Development of a CUSS certified kiosk application for Air France

Kiosk passenger baggage

In 2014 Air France showed interest in offering their passengers new ways to report their delayed bags. Back then, Air France passengers could report their delayed bags at an airport counter to an agent using BagAssist or online at home or at the office via the e-AHLreport. The kiosk application was considered as an additional option for passengers to report their delayed bags directly at the airport.

During 2015 in collaboration with Air France, Sky Assist enhanced the existing kiosk application to:

  • Integrate calls to Air France web-services to retrieve flight details, passenger and frequent flyer data. Retrieving and populating this data directly into the kiosk application speeds up the declaration process while ensuring high-quality data in the AHL files; benefiting both to the passengers and to the Lost & Found operations.
  • Have a SITA CUSS (Common-Use Self-Service) certified application. Thanks to the CUSS certification, the application can run on shared kiosks.

Since November 2015, the Sky Assist kiosk application is used by Air France on 40 kiosks spread in 9 French airports. The application is broadly used by passengers who enjoy being able to report their delayed bags autonomously while being able to raise their concern and question to a Lost & Found agent when needed.