Future Baggage handling
What will be the future of Lost & Found operations?
To keep our products aligned with the industry needs and standards, we have brainstormed on how the future of Lost & Found operations will look like. We have created an infography to summarize our vision.
Kiosk passenger baggage
Development of a CUSS certified kiosk application for Air France
Air France and Sky Assist have worked hand-in-hand to develop a CUSS certified kiosk application fully integrated with Air France web-services to speed up the creation of AHL files. This application has been implemented on 40 kiosks spread in 9 airports in France.
baggage handling
INTERVIEW – How to speed up the handling of early, late or not sorted bags?
Reto Hartmann, Application Specialist ICT at Swissport International, has shared with us their good practices to handle early, late or not sorted bags at Zurich airport. Agents located next to the baggage sorter are using our product BagAutoRush.
BagAssist baggage world
BagAssist Suite in the world
Our worldwide customers, both airlines and ground-handlers, are using our products all around the globe from the United States to Australia. We have created two maps highlighting the countries where our Lost & Found applications for agents (BagAssist) and for passengers are being used.
mobile lost luggage
m-AHLreport: offer passengers to declare their delayed bags on their smarphone
m-AHLreport is our new mobile application for passengers to declare their missing bags on their smartphone. It was developped in collaboration with Air France for nomad passengers who prefer using a smartphone than a PC.